Lord Ganesh - Other Forms of Worship

The physical form and the religious rituals related to Lord Ganesh make him similar to other Gods and forms of worship.

Although Ganesh is Lord Siva’s son, some thoughts must be given to the debate that both were one. Serpents worn as ornaments on the body, the third eye and moon worn as a tiara are found in many temples in both Shiva and Ganesh idols. The chanting of the sacred words referring Lord Ganesh read “You are Bramha, You are Vishnu and You are Rudra as well”. Rudra is another name of Lord Shiva. According to many pundits Lord Shiva adorned the moon to cool him from the heat of his poison he drank. Ganesh too in one of his scripted adventures had swallowed the Fire Demon Analasur to save the world form his destruction. Gods came together to cool Ganesh from the heat of the Fire Demon inside him by ornamenting him with moon and serpents. Hanuman too finds a connection with Ganesh. Both of them possess the Eight Great Mystical Powers called ASTHAMAHASIDDHI and both are red in body color.

Lord Ganesh is also called Omkar, as he is the first deity of Tantra form of worship. Omkar is considered the origin of all words according to Tantra practitioners and Ganesh the origin of creation as a whole. Omkar is not mentioned in the Vedas. Aryans of the Vedic era did not think much of Omkar, therefore this allusion gives a new dimension to the Ganesh cult.

It is said that the universe was created with the sound OM. Lord Bramha himself uttered Om. One will find the outline drawing of Ganesh If one looks at the Devanagri script of OM carefully. Omkar is Om in form of a word, and therefore like many erudites say OM and Ganesh are one.

Lord Ganesh is also known to be the spiritual energy that flows through every being. Reciting from GANAPATI ATHARVASHIRSA ‘You reside at the Muladhara chakra in the body” shows the Ganesh connection with the Kundalini or spiritual energy. Muladhar is the original source of spiritual energy, chakra is the wheel. the Muladhara Chakra is the first among six wheels, the activation or starting point of the spiritual awakening. Ganesh too is appeased at every beginning of every endeavor or ceremony. Therefore to many Kundalini and Ganesh are one.

Lord Ganesh is not just one God but many. This is the reason why he appeals to one and all. The Ganesh Festivals are celebrated not only by Hindus, but Muslims, Christians, and people from all religions and sectarian beliefs in India with the same fervor. It is the time when all the communities come together to bow and pray, sing and dance in front of the God with the elephant head. He is the God who destroys evil and clears obstacles, also wears a serpent around his body. He is the God who rides a mouse, is flanked by Riddhi & Siddhi. He is Lord Ganapati!